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Purvis Feeds Lucerne Chaff

Lucerne Chaff + Oil may safely be fed to all classes of horses and is especially useful for:


  • Broodmares

  • Lactating mares

  • Weanlings and Youngstock

  • Laminitic horses (after a veterinary consultation)

  • Horses needing to gain weight

  • Horses needing to build muscle and/or increase topline

  • Sport/Racing/Endurance Horses

Other advantages of feeding Purvis Lucerne Chaff + Oil include:

  • To stimulate appetite - Purvis Lucerne Chaff is highly palatable

  • As a supplement to provide your horse with daily 'quality' proteins

  • To minimise the risks of developing gastric ulcers

  • To promote chewing and saliva production

  • To assist in peristalsis in the digesta

  • To optimise fermentation in the hindgut and improve microbial activity

  • Fat content similar to many cereal feeds and concentrates

  • Reduced Dust (virtually eliminates dust)

  • Contains Omegas 3, 6 and 9

  • Great Value for money compared to equivalent high moisture content forages

  • Easy to handle, store and feed

  • No wastage

  • Consistent quality

  • 86% Dry Matter: Therefore there is no degradation of our product upon opening, unlike baleage and chaffage products

  • All natural and NZ made - No molasses or additives. Pure Gold Animal Nutrition Oil is an all natural, traceable, cold pressed, GE Free oil, manufactured in New Zealand by Pure Oil NZ LTD.

Quality Proteins
Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. Not all protein is created equal. Purvis Lucerne Chaff + Oil is an excellent source of quality proteins.
Improve Digestion
Purvis Lucerne Chaff + Oil is cut to promote chewing and saliva production. You can feed on its own or mix with your choice of grains, super fibres or concentrates. The long cut fibres can assist in peristalsis and help minimise the risk of impaction related colic.
High Calorie Forage
Lucerne Chaff + Oil is the most calorie dense forage available in animal nutrition. It is also relatively low in Non Structural Carbohydrates.
New research suggests it can be a useful component in managing horses with metabolic disturbances such as laminitis who require diets low in Non Structural Carbohydrates.

Horses are very sensitive to feed changes and any sudden feed change can adversely affect the hind-gut microbes that optimise your horses digestion and/or could affect temperament. 

It is essential that feed changes are introduced to the diet slowly.

Allow 10-14 days of smaller daily portions before feeding at maximum rates.


Pre baling inspections are carried out to ensure only the highest quality lucerne crop is purchased.

Each bale is checked before being cut.

Oil is infused during packaging and our product is only manufactured to order.

Our oil has a quality assurance. It is also cold pressed and has a ‘Closed Loop’ in processing, ensuring there is no chance of contamination with foreign materials.

Pure Gold Animal Nutrition Oil-Seed is crushed within days of delivery and arrives with a crush date, batch number, crop origin, GE Status and nutrient analysis. (NZ made, NZ processed and GE Free).

Purvis Feeds Chaff

Lucerne Chaff + Oil is an excellent source of naturally occuring vitamins and minerals. Feed as part of a balanced diet and if you are unsure about your horses nutrient requirements, seek advice from a veterinarian or nutrition advisor.

Your horse requires a minimum of 1% of their body weight each day in forage - 1.5 - 2.5% is desirable.  The Dry Matter (DM%) of the forage must be considered to ensure you are feeding enough to meet your horses dietary requirements.

Feed Purvis Lucerne Chaff as part of a balanced diet, provide clean drinking water at all times and include quality minerals, including salt.

To maintain the quality of your Purvis Lucerne Chaff + Oil once purchased, do not allow the product to be contaminated by pests, keep dry and out of direct sunlight.

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