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Our History


Quality and a Sustainable Product is Our Priority.


Graeme and Henrietta Purvis have been growing and manufacturing lucerne chaff for more than a decade.
Graeme and Henrietta have continued to invest in the quality - of not only the lucerne plant, but also the growing, harvesting and processing.  The result has ensured that Purvis Feeds produces the highest quality lucerne and chopped forage for horse owners - turning what  was once 'just a bit of roughage in your bucket', into a high quality nutrition source and a vital calorie and nutrient rich component of equine nutrition.
Not all chaff is created equally.

Our Expertise


Unique processing to retain colour, leaf and quality.

In 2014 Purvis Feeds imported innovative hay drying technology from Italy. The dryer holds 24 round bales, drying them evenly to a desired moisture content. 

While this equipment was expensive and labour intensive, it also meant the lucerne did not degrade on the paddock, losing colour, smell and more importantly nutrient value.  It also meant more leaf was retained prior to chaffing and the moisture content could be controlled for optimum nutrient retention.



Our Commitment

Purvis Feeds is changing to meet the needs of our customers.
Purvis Feeds has recently undergone some changes, a new website, new branding and a new facebook page.  Connecting with our customers is an exciting part of our business going forward. 

Purvis Feeds Lucerne Chaff
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Lucerne is a vital component of equine nutrition. In some countries it is the primary forage used for animal feeds,
in other countries it is scarce and highly sought after.
In New Zealand we are fortunate to have access to a broad range of forage alternatives and formulated feeds. 
Lucerne is a component of many formulated feeds due to the quality nutrients it provides and essential fibre.
While the horses digestive system is relatively uncomplicated, they are large animals and require a range of forage types for optimum health.
When lucerne is introduced into the diet correctly and fed in conjunction with a balanced diet you should have a horse that feels good and exhibits natural enthusiasm toward work.  Hoof quality and coat condition can also improve.
Nutrition is the one of the most important aspects of horse ownership - muscles, tissue, cells, breed, type, performance, gestation and your horses long-term health depend on quality nutrition.
This is why lucerne is essential to so many aspects of equine nutrition.
Feeding Purvis Lucerne Chaff as part of a balanced diet, ensures your horse is receiving a excellent source of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals and a high quality forage to maintain healthy digestion and well-being for the lifetime of your horse.
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