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Purvis Lucerne Plus Oil Farmlands
New research suggests Lucerne can be a useful component in managing horses with metabolic disturbances such as laminitis. These horses require diets low in
Non Structural Carbohydrates.  KER found that during the acute (emergency) period of a laminitic episode, Alfalfa (Lucerne) could be a suitable forage to feed.  This would also suggest it would be a complimentary component in the diet to safeguard against frequent laminitic episodes.
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When lucerne is introduced into the diet correctly and fed in conjuction with a balanced diet you should have a horse that feels good and exhibits natural enthusiasm toward work.  Hoof quality and coat condition can also improve.
Nutrition is the one of the most important aspects of horse ownership - muscles, tissue, cells, breed, type, performance, gestation and your horses longterm health depend on quality nutrition.
Purvis Feeds New Zealand

Purvis Feeds offer traditional methods in growing high quality lucerne crop while using innovative processing to ensure we capture the maximum nutritional value for your animals.  

Purvis Feeds, along with some selected growers, ensure our product is consistent and the quality is never compromised. 

High Calorie Forage
Lucerne is the most calorie dense forage available in equine nutrition. It is also relatively low in Non Structural Carbohydrates. Some horses require low NSC diets. Check with your vet or nutrition advisor if you have a horse with a metabolic condition requiring a Low Non Structural Carbohydrate diet and would like to feed Purvis Lucerne Chaff.
Improve Digestion
Purvis Lucerne Chaff + Oil is cut to promote chewing and saliva production. You can  feed it on its own or mix with your choice of grains, super fibres or concentrates. The long cut fibres can assist in peristalsis and help minimise the risk of gastric ulcers.
Quality Proteins
Amino Acids are the building blocks of protein. Not all protein is created equal. Purvis Lucerne Chaff + Oil is an excellent source of quality proteins, to assist in building muscle, improving hoof quality, coat shine and much much more.
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